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Who is DaRealAP

Hustling During Covid-19

How has Covid-19 affected your career?


With COVID going on, it allowed me to really reserve time to lock in into my creativity. It’s tough not being able to go out city to city to do shows, but I believe there’s a reason for everything. I’ve taken the time to plan for the future of my music career in which my music IQ has increased tremendously compared to when I first started. I believe because of COVID, it will separate the real and the fake and only the strong will survive. Meaning if someone didn’t take advantage of the downtime, they may get left behind. 


What's Next?

This year I have a lot music being released. February 9th, I will be releasing my new single titled “Come UP”, followed by some other singles leading up to another mixtape album towards September. My biggest focus this year, considering how everything was post pone due to Covid, I plan on hitting the stage a lot more and possibly doing some towering with a few major artist. We have a lot of great things in the works.

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