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Amir Pierre Patterson, known by stage name DaRealAP; is an independent, American Rapper and songwriter from Fayetteville, North Carolina. AP attended Fayetteville State University, where he would earn a bachelors of science degree in Business. Becoming a victim and advocate of depression, DaRealAP wanted to create a better way to cope with his depressionGrowing up with no father, being raised by his grandmother and mother in an area where trouble was easy to find but hard to get out of, AP chose the upper hand in life. Attempting to create his own way of living through his mixture of book and street smarts, he became a entreprenuer sampling many different industries until he found the one that clicked with his spirit. With inspirations from mainstream artists such as "Kevin Gates", Fayetteville native; "J Cole", and being familiar to the hustlers syndrome of "Nipsey Hussle" and "Young Dolph", DaRealAP found inspiration in music. Now I know what you're probably thinking, "don't everyone want to be a rapper these days"? Rolling up the sleeves and building a home studio, to seeking out for producers, not knowing much about the music industry; AP took a leap of faith to follow his dreams and accomplish his goals. A colleague asked, "why did you choose to start rapping", AP's response? He said "I wanted to create my own platform to where I can express my true feeling and emotions about life in my world. I want to be able to tell my life stories and not get judged for expressing my true thoughts and I want someone that's going through similar mental struggles to hear my stories to give them the motivation that no matter what life throws, you can still achieve anything by being you

In 2019 following his first single release "Voices in my head", DaRealAP released his first EP album titled "Black Depression". Giving fans a preview of his thoughts. AP gives us 5 self produced songs expressing some of his memories as an adolescent (Back Then), to imagining living life as a hustling millionaire (bigger Dreams). You can check out this album by clicking hereNot understanding why life seemed to be so hard as a young black man, not understanding why wanting to be a good person in the world, giving back, and living a happy life, married with children while hustling for millions was so hard, AP was diagnosed with Anxiety Depression, Would you ask how this happen?

Figuring life out from his own perspective and from what the women and in his life had taught and shown him, life was a challenge but not a big enough challenge for DaRealAP to  not attempt to reach his goals. You see, although no challenge seemed too big nor too small to AP; there was 1 thing stopping him, himself. Bottling up his feelings and emotions, music created a lane to where DaRealAP could express his true feelings and emotions without being judged by the world. In February 2020, DaRealAP would begin working on his debut Album titled Therapy, where he would continue to tell his life stories about the streets, love, and his battle with depression. 

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North Carolina's emerging rapper DaRealAP, expresses the life of having millionaire dreams while being wounded by love, heartbreak, and many life lessons and failures on this project. Followed by his previous released EP “Black Depression”, AP doesn’t mind expressing his true feelings, thoughts, and emotions as he opens up a venting session with “Therapy”. From melodic tunes (Perfect man, Battling with myself, change") to hard knocking south Memphis style beats( Extra, hustling backwards freestyle, pray for me), along with love and heartbreak stories (Overload, listening,)


 The different shifts in moods will show throughout this project. Being from a city where crime rates are high and opportunities outside of the military life is very slim to none; AP only has his faith, hustle, and drive to achieve the millionaire dreams that he desires. Welcoming you into the therapy room (intro),get ready to listen and vibe to the big speaker. Although “Therapy” wasn’t just a title to call this project, AP really did attend Mental health therapy during the creation of this album, it’s just so that the healing is in the music.


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